Bike Hardcases to Borrow

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1. (for members): Traveling with your bike? Need to borrow a hard case? The Bike Kitchen has two cases available for members to borrow. Just let the friendly greeter at the front desk know, call us at 415-647-2453, or email your request to Please allow one week's notice to ensure your reservation. $50 deposit required, recoverable when you return the case.

2. (for staff): How to handle a reservation for the bike cases The Bike Kitchen has two hard cases available for members to borrow (for traveling with their bikes).

Reservations may be made at the greeter desk, by phone, or by email at Email the list for the password.

We require one week's notice to make a reservation, and a $50 deposit due when the member picks up the case. The deposit is kept in a designated envelope in the filing cabinet and will be returned to the member when the bike case is returned in the condition it left the shop. Otherwise, the loan of the bike cases is free of cost.

Non-members may borrow the cases under the same terms if they purchase a membership first.

To record a reservation, enter it, along with the member's name, on's google calendar. Be sure that it does not conflict with any existing reservation before you confirm with the member. Make sure that the member's current contact information is in Free Hub before you let the hard case leave the shop.

The BK staff member in charge of checking the account will follow up with members as their reservations expire.