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Metal Recycling

You can be extra helpful by making sure that non-metal is sorted out of the bin and by sorting small metal parts into a separate bucket so that he doesn't have to pick them out of the bottom of the bin. This is a great job for a volunteer.

Bob Besso retired in Sep 2013.

James aka Cold Beer/Cold Water can often pick up metal recycling during open shop hours. Just shoot him an email and let him know when he can swing by.

The new contact at Recology is Sean Davison:

His working hours are 7am - 3pm. It's more convenient for him to come by then - which means someone has to be here. Even more convenient is if we give him a key - and he can come with a larger truck once a week.

In case you wanted details for Bob

Bob Besso
Sunset Scavenger recycling manager
415 575-2403

Bob is the man. He has offered to come by the BK to pick up our metal recycling when we need it. He does this on his own time to hook us up.

Call Bob when the metal recycling needs to be picked up. Leave a message letting him know you are calling from the BK. Be nice and helpful.

Ordering Volunteer Cards

This is the website we use to order business cards which are then used to track the volunteer hours of our volunteers. The cards themselves are free, but it cost $6 for shipping. You may use your own credit card for the shipping, and when the cards arrive, bring in the statement for a refund. Follow the free template, which is provided on the site, and copy the contents of the old card on to the new one you're creating. Submit the order and wait two weeks for the cards to arrive.

Rag Service

We have a separate page that discusses RagService.