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Who is the Education Coordinator?

The current Education Coordinator should be flagged on the Who's Who page.

Job Description

The education cluster overseas the formal aspects of teaching at the Bike Kitchen. Informally, teaching and education happen every shift through the shop's open hours. The Bike Kitchen also operates classes for members who want to learn about their bikes in a more formal, systematic and instructor-intensive way. These classes are an important income stream for the organization. The education cluster also oversees staff development hours, where staff and mechanics who want to become staff can work with more experienced staff members to build new skills.

The education cluster coordinator does not necessarily handle each of these tasks directly, though he or she can of course teach classes, volunteer during staff development hours and so on. The most important administrative components of the position are making sure that classes are regularly scheduled, staffed and advertised.

Ed Cluster Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Organize classes for patrons (including staffing and advertising)
    • Recruiting instructors for the classes
    • Set up class-purchasing pages on Eventbrite and publicize classes
  • Oversee Staff Development
    • Coordinate with the organizers
  • Maintain the test and other qualifications for the Mechanic Apprentice Program


  • Knowledge of and commitment to the Bike Kitchen
  • Strong organization and communication skills
  • Strong commitment to and skills with teaching