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The greeter staff position is a daily staff position in that you DO NOT have weekly, monthly, or yearly duties. The greeter should, however, be willing to work a weekly shift and be interested in becoming a regular staff.

Daily Duties:


-be welcoming and friendly to everyone

-check in and greet EVERY single person (staff, patrons, volunteers)

-introduce new people to the Bike kitchen mission / vision / a night in the life

-explain all BK policies (no stand no wrench, no wrenching on outside benches, no stand/no wrench, Youth Program, etc)

-explain bike tagging system

-explain pricing, membership options and volunteer options

-explain that everyone here is a volunteer to patrons

-explain that everyone is responsible for their belongings and to keep an eye on them; help keep everyone's stuff safe by keeping an eye on your neighbor's stuff too

-assist in managing volunteers and assign volunteer tasks whenever possible

-assist all staff in maintaining the flow of the shop

-ring up all sales (membership, parts, digging rights, etc)

-stamp volunteer cards

Other Responsibilities:

-count down cash and put in safe at end of shift

-help keep front desk clean


-know the mission statement / how become a member

-know how the register works

-know FreeHub, Click here to learn the basics of Freehub!

-know the layout of shop and where stuff is, know the yellow cabinet

-know the policies of the shop

-know some general stuff about bikes