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Editing the Wiki

Logging in

Click the "Log in / create account" link at the top right of the page.

To prevent spam accounts, new accounts will not be approved unless you first email info [at] bikekitchen [dot] org with your name.

For all other questions, email tech [at] bikekitchen [dot] org.

Editing a Page

After logging in to the wiki, click the "edit" tab at the top of the page you want to edit. You will be editing Wiki Markup, a language that is supposed to be easy to write and understand, while allowing non-trivial formatting.

To see examples of Wiki Markup, go to any page on this wiki or any other and click "edit" or "view source". For general editing help, see the Wikimedia Editing Help page.

Creating a New Page

First, use the search box to see whether someone has written a similar page before you start one yourself. If the text you want to add is not very long, it may be better to add it to a related page; that page can always be split later, after it has grown.

Once you're sure you want to create a new page, navigate to the page that will link to your new page, edit that page, and add a link to your new (and not yet written) page with text like this: [[New page name]]. After saving your edit, there will be a link to your new page. The link will be red, indicating that the page does not yet exist. Clicking on the red link will open an editing window where you can write the page content.

Turning a Word Document into Wiki Markup

If you have a Word (.doc), Open Office (.odt), or other document that you'd like to turn into wiki markup that you can put on a wiki page (instead of uploading the file and linking to it), do one of the following:

  1. If you have OpenOffice version 2.4 or later, you can use it to export the document to MediaWiki text, and then copy and paste that into your wiki page.
  2. Otherwise, use Open Office or Word to save the file as html, copy the raw html (using a text editor or viewing the source of the html page in your web browser), then use html2wiki to convert it to wiki text, and then copy and past into your wiki page.
  3. If the above don't work or you have a more complicated document (embedded images, tables, centered text, spreadsheet, etc.), read this page.

Uploading a File

Uploading a file is a two-step process:

  1. Upload the file:
    1. Click on the "Upload file" link which can also be found in the "toolbox" menu on the left side of the page.
    2. Fill in the form and upload the file. It will be added to the File list page.
  2. Add a link to the file:
    1. On the page where you want a link to the file, edit the page and add the following type of text:
      • To embed your uploaded image in your page, use the "image" specifier: [[image:wheel-1.jpg]]
      • To have a hyperlink to an uploaded file, use the "media" specifier: [[media:wheel-1.jpg‎|click here for the wheel image]]

Searching the Wiki

Use the search box in the sidebar to find stuff on the wiki. It searches the titles and contents of all pages. If you include any common (see list here) or short (three or fewer letters) words in your search, you will get no search results. See the Wikimedia Searching Help page for more information.

Questions not Answered Here

For technical questions (about this wiki, the BK web site, user accounts, etc), email tech [at] bikekitchen [dot] org. For all other questions, see the Administrative Clusters page for specific contacts, or email the staff email list or the general Bike Kitchen account: info [at]