Non-Profit and Tax ID info

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This page will serve as a reference for information related to the Bike Kitchen's Tax-Exempt Status and how patrons and donors can use it.

Our tax id number is: 13-4318788 (this is also known as our EIN number)

Frequently needed information:

Organization name: Bike Kitchen
Address: 650H Florida St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-647-2453

Contact person: Financial Cluster Coordinator

501(c)(3) approval letter from IRS

Addtional Business account numbers

Exact date of incorporation: December 22, 2005

Franchise Tax Board corporation number/entity number: 2786984

California Seller's Permit account number: 100-756784

City of San Francisco Business Registration Certificate / Business Account Number: 0405500 (primary) / 1073877 (secondary)*

  • Due to a misunderstanding, we applied for a *new* business registration in September of 2017 and were given a new BAN (the secondary number above). However, in October of 2017, a business registration renewal notice was found for our original/primary BAN which was also renewed.