On-the-Road Events and Fix-A-Thons

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Occasionally, the Bike Kitchen participates in events away from the Bike Kitchen. Examples include Car-Free Streets, various Fix-A-Thons, etc. At these events we usually set up a few stands and some tools so we can help people fix their bikes at the event. This page contains the recommended packing list for these events so you don't get there and realize Damn! We forgot the widgets and the gizmos! You'll probably need a couple of trailers or a long-haul to tow all this stuff. If that's not practical, consider sizing down the operation and just doing minor adjustments, flat repair, etc. Hopefully the folks throwing the event will offer a table.

General Setup

  • 10x10 Tent
  • Folding table(s)
  • Fliers
  • Sandwich Board Sign
  • Fund raising sign

Basic Tools

  • Rags!
  • Folding stands (probably at least 2)
  • 2 full sets of wrenches (7mm-17mm)
  • Tire levers
  • Chain tool
  • 4-5-6mm Y-allen
  • 8-9-10mm Y-socket
  • Cable cutters
  • Screw drivers
  • Patch kits - sandpaper, rubber cement, patches
  • Pumps
  • Various pliers
  • Headset wrenches (lots of loose headsets out there!)
  • Adjustible wrench (good to have a big one)
  • Selection of individual allen wrenches
  • Hand cleaner

Complete Tools

If you have the cargo space, and really want to get things done, add this stuff to the Basic Tool set.

  • Truing stand (There's a folding one, if you don't have space for the real deal.)
  • Pedal wrench
  • Cone wrenches (2 each of 13mm-15mm)
  • 15mm/14mm socket
  • Freewheel tool selection
  • Crank puller
  • Metal file
  • Brake spring centering tool
  • Lockring wrench


  • Grease
  • Lube
  • Cable ends
  • Ferrules
  • Simple Green
  • Rim tape
  • Tape

For Sale

When you return to the shop, be sure to ring this stuff up!

  • Tubes
  • Cables
  • Housing
  • Various Brake Pads
  • Tires (various sizes)