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In such a decentralized organization, this list of Bike Kitchen Staff and other long-term volunteers can help us understand who is involved.


Name Photo On Board of Directors? Special Role Volunteering Since... Notes In Real Life
Alon Salant Alon-bc.jpg 2005 freehub development software developer
David Manning Manning.jpg June 2010 sit in front of computer
Esther Cervantes Esther.jpg July 2009 writer
Geoffrey Colburn Geoff.jpg Jan. 2008 Keymaster bicycle mechanic, practicing artist
Geoff Horne Geoff-pic.jpg Rag boy Jul. 2009 Engineer, Network Designer
Ilana Goldbarg Ilana.jpg Volunteer Coordinator Sept. 2007 organized first Tour de Cupcake, past operations co-coordinator biology student, elephant seal and sea lion whisperer
Jimmy Zamora Jimmy sophie.jpg Purchaser May 2009 student of philosophy
John-Paul Ferguson Jp.jpg Education Coordinator July 2009 Advanced maintenance co-instructor Stanford Business School
Justin Valone Justin.jpg
Katie Styer Katie.jpg Mechanic February 2009 Likes the colors pink and orange, especially on a sugar cone... or two wheels. Deeply invested in empowerment through bicicletas. Will chit-chat without provocation. Politico and pack-mule for San Francisco's distrito financiero
Lorae Fernandis Lorae Fernandis.jpg May 2010 Volunteered for a year at the Sacramento Bike Kitchen
Markus Fuchs Markus.jpg mid 2006
reZz Rezz.jpeg 2009 squatter, priest, occupier of public space, bike trucker
Rafi Ajl Rafi.jpg past operations manager, Past Board Member
Renee Haley Reneestaff.jpg
Rene Ravenel Rene Ravenel.jpg past Education Coordinator
Shaun Galanos Shaungalanos.jpg 2007 Past Board Member
Spencer Sfbkthumbnailspencer.jpg July 2010 Mechanic

Chefs of Kitchens Past

Name Photo Past Roles Years at BK
Alex Rogers Alex.jpg class instructor August 2007 - ?
Amar Puri Amar.jpg Financial Cluster, Cyclist Representative @ AIDS/Lifecycle Oct 2007
Ami Puri Ami.jpg WTF cofounder 3
Andrew Otto HarmonicaSmall.jpg 0.5
Ben Lewis 1
Brian Cavagnolo Brian.jpg former treasurer 6
Cara Kritikos Cara.jpg Volunteer Cluster Coordinator  ?
Cat Hartzell Cat.jpg Fundraising Coordinator, board, founder 5.5
Charles McFall Charles.jpg  ?
Cleveland Motley Cleveland.jpg  ?
Daniel Kim Basket.jpg 6
Elijah Post Elijah.jpeg 2.5
Evan Huggins 1
Jack Taylor Jack.jpg Handled BK e-mail  ?
Jeremiah Ducate Jeremiah.jpg 7
Jesse Basbaum Jesse.jpg board, founder 6
Joel Young Joel.jpg created freehub 6
Josh Adler Josh.jpg board, founder 5.5
Jordan Stern Joebidenmeetsjordan.jpg Operations Coordinator.  ?
Kearstin Dischinger Kearstin.jpg board  ?
Keith Fitzgerald  ?
Lauren Allen LaurenA.jpg Volunteer Cluster Coordinator 1
Maddie Deutsch Maddie.jpg WTF 1
Marc Caswell Marc.jpg 1.5
Melissa Nasser PhpdVQz6oAM.jpg Wednesday Staff Greeter 1
Neal Evan Dry Neal.jpg 1.5
Rigel Christian Rigel.jpg IT Coordinator  ?
Samuel Chow Samuel.jpg  ?
Spencer Chan  ?
Steven Pav Pav plus cat.jpg purchaser 4.5
Tim Ledlie TimLedlie2.JPG IT Coordinator 4
Travis Boettcher  ?
Trevor Allen Rogers Trevor.jpg  ?