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About once a month, the Bike Kitchen places an order with QBP (distributor subject to change). This is how we keep the bearings, ferrules, cables, cable housing and other consumables in stock. This is also how staff members place personal orders. This system is meant to help the Bike Kitchen ensure that people pay for their special orders and that, when they don't, we can track them down!

I'm a staff member and I want to place an order

Check the definition of a staff member to confirm you are eligible for this perk. No hookups and no resale! Special orders are for personal use only!

  • Log in at https://online2.qbp.com/ (email info@bikekitchen.org for login credentials).
  • Create a new cart
  • Surf the catalog and add stuff to your cart.
  • When done adding items to your cart, rename it.
  • To finalize your cart, click the 'Print Version' button on the Cart Details screen, print the page to PDF and email it to orders@bikekitchen.org.
  • Your order will not be placed without this email confirmation step. Once you send this email, you are responsible for paying the subtotal for what you ordered, plus 15 percent.

I want to order something for the shop

  • Discuss the order with others, especially if it's something expensive.
  • Find the part number on QBP (online or paper catalog) and email it and the item description to orders@bikekitchen.org

I'm in charge of placing the order. How do I do it?

  • Announce the order date that you will be placing the order on the mailing list about a week in advance.
  • Log in to QBP
  • To place the inventory order, create three carts: Inventory, Consumables, Tools
  • Add inventory items to the appropriate cart.
  • When finished, click the Cart button in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click 'View all carts' to go to the Manage Carts screen.
  • Open each cart by marking the 'Active' button, then clicking the Preview Cart & Checkout button
  • Confirm the items and quantities for shop carts.
  • Make sure you have a pdf for each staff order.
    • * Don't hesitate to ask around about any suspicious orders. For example, if you see a $1200 order from somebody you don't know, ask around. If you see an order from somebody who you suspect does not have staff privileges, ask around.
  • Print each complete and confirmed cart to PDF.
  • Once all carts have been saved, return to the Manage Carts screen.
  • Mark the Merge checkboxes for all completed and confirmed carts.
  • Click the Merge Carts button.
  • Selected Active button for the merged cart and click the Preview Cart & Checkout button.
  • Click the Checkout button and complete the order.
  • Email the PDF copies of all staff and shop carts to financial@bikekitchen.org.
  • Print a copies of the final merged basket and each individual staff member's baskets. Compute the 15% mark up for individual orders and note the total due on the individual order sheets.
  • On the master basket printout, highlight which items are for which orders. This "annotated manifest" is invaluable for resolving the inevitable mysteries that emerge when special orders don't get picked up, paid for, etc. [Note: QBP does not allow the same item to be listed in more than one line in the invoice. Thus if two or more people order the same item, note this explicitly.]
  • Put the annotated manifest and the individual staff basket printouts in the wooden magazine box on the office desk.
  • Get the shipping tracking numbers from whomever manages or has access to info@bikekitchen.org. Forward these to whoever will be receiving the order so they know when to expect the order.

The order has arrived. How do I unpack it?

  • Open up the boxes and confirm that all of the items on the manifest have arrived. If there are any discrepancies, discuss them on the mailing list.
    • If all of the items have not arrived, do not sort the order yet. When QBP ships an order in multiple parts, we wait until all parts have arrived to sort, so that we can handle payment in a single step. Put things back in the boxes and back away.
    • There is one exception to this: sometimes QBP doesn't ship an order because it is out of stock. In that case, mark the out-of-stock item on the relevant special order form (below). The person who ordered the item will remove it from their total.
  • Take the special order forms and the annotated manifest from the "Waiting to Arrive" folder. This folder should be empty after this step. If the folder contains paperwork that doesn't belong, please get it where it belongs.
  • Separate the items by special order.
  • Bag each special order and fasten its special order form to it.
  • Put the bagged and tagged special orders in an organized space in the office.
  • Put the SHOP order away. spare tools go into the blue milk crate in the yellow cabinet. Tools which need to urgently hit the shop floor should be annotated as such on the master distribution sheet.
  • Put the annotated manifest in the Accounting Inbox. This is crucial for accounting.
  • Announce on the mailing list that the order has arrived and is ready for pick up.
  • Write the mailing list to tell people what we received for the SHOP, so mechanics know when and whether needed tools have arrived.

Yay! My special order is here! How do I pay for it?

  • Inspect the actual column of your special order for accuracy. Prices may vary from the catalog and some of your items may have been out of stock. Recalculate your new total. FYI, QBP does not automatically back order them for us. If you have any issues, discuss them on the mailing list.
  • You must have a QBP basket to pick up your Special Order. These should be printed out and waiting in the office for you.
  • Calculate the 15% mark up to cover the cost of shipping and taxes. To do this multiply Line Subtotal x 1.15 = what you owe. Line Subtotal is before Estimate Freight is added in. Please do not round off your total.
  • Please pay with a check. If you really can't pay with a check, you may pay with cash, but please do not round the amount due and please keep your payment bundled together with the change.
  • Clip (don't staple) your check to your basket and put it in the safe. DO NOT RING YOUR ORDER UP!
  • You are done! Go play with your new toys!

Special order protocols using paper system (no longer in common use)

See the Special Order Protocol Paper page.