Recirculating Project Bikes

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Patrons can leave their project bike at the BK while actively working on it. The policy is that projects not worked on for 2 weeks (14 days) are returned to circulation (in reality we give them an extra 1 week grace period). Patrons are instructed to update the date on their project tag each time they work on their bike.

If someone's bike has been there for 14 days or more, call them.

  • If you get in touch with the patron, they need to give you a specific plan to come work on their bike. Mark the date that they will come in to work on it. If they don't come back in to work on it within 7 days of their date, recirculate.
  • Otherwise, leave the patron a message with our two-week storage policy. Mark the date the message was left on the tag. If the patron does not return in 7 days to work on the bike, or if there is no specific plan for the patron to come in to deal with it, then recirculate it.

This should be done on a weekly basis and is a great task for a volunteer.