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Staff Meetings are usually held on the last Sunday of every other month at 7pm. These meetings are vital to the development and success of the shop. At the meetings, we discuss and vote on various issues related to the shop and establish the shift schedule for the next two months. Minutes are usually kept.


In Jun 2010, Majority voted to pass quorum prop. There is now a minimum of 7 staff members required in attendance in order to officiate a binding vote/decision. When this happens, voting and heavy rehashing cannot be re-opened on the list serve. In addition, any staff who cannot make it due to reasons beyond their control such as work, sick, etc. may cast an official vote via the list serve at any time prior to the meeting.

Thoughts on how to run a good staff meeting

  • Have a good agenda:
    • The meeting coordinator should get mature items to present to the group for discussion, rather than the "I like / I think - discuss" model. There should be a clear point that needs to be "yeh-ed" "neh-ed" or edited, rather than trying to formulate a proposal during the meeting. Ideas in their early stages should be discussed over the email list. One month before the staff meeting, the meeting coordinator should send a meeting reminder so that brewing agenda items can be solidified.
  • Reaffirm a few things at the beginning of the meeting:
    1. explain the stack.
    2. ask people stay on-topic.
    3. explain that we have an agenda with time allotments.
  • Have someone take minutes (preferably directly on the wiki so they are immediately available).
    • Try to have the minutes log what people said, not just repeat the agenda items.
  • Have an active facilitator:
    • The facilitator keeps the stack. Motion to the facilitator to get on the stack so you can speak when your turn comes. The facilitator has to be a hard ass when it comes to moving the discussion along. Pushing forward is key. Don't just go down the list and let the conversation roll. The facilitator should remind people to keep on topic and should close the stack when the conversation digresses too much.
    • Keep each topic to its alloted time. When time is up, vote on whether to add more time to the topic. Be a vocal presence and interject, even if it is annoying at times.
  • No stack on update agenda items.
  • Encourage everyone to give input so that the conversation isn't dominated by a few, vocal people.
  • Limit the dinner break to 15 minutes.