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This cluster no longer has a main coordinator held accountable for all underlying responsibilites, and is instead now comprised of a variety of roles, each to be taken responsibility for by a staff member. The cluster need not be limited to the roles outlined below and may be added to at any time.


Commitment to a role should ideally be made by staff with at least 1yr experience with the shop. The requested length of commitment to a role is 1yr.

Roles and Responsibilities

Shift Scheduler

Maintains the schedule and fills gaps appropriately by reaching out to staff.

Meeting Facilitator

The person who fills this role should be staff, and should be able to attend most (if not all) staff meetings. This role is best suited for someone who already attends meetings regularly.

  • Monitors the list serve to identify issues that would need to be further discussed and/or voted upon at the next staff meeting, and creates the meeting agenda (agenda items should be items that have already been discussed and introduced to the list at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting).
  • Sends out an email 2 weeks before the next staff meeting, notifying the group of the agenda.
  • May send out an email 4 weeks in advance of the meeting to remind folks that the agenda will close 2 weeks prior to meeting date.
  • Facilitates meeting and appoints a minutes taker at the meeting.

Volunteer Appreciation Planner(s)

Plans semi-annual volunteer appreciation/staff party. This can be one person or a few people on a committee.

General Volunteer Coordinator

  • Manages our volunteer@bikekitchen.org email address and answers all emails proactively (contact Ilana for login info).
  • Coordinates how we are to manage our volunteers on shift. One possibility of this role is to get an individual staff from each shift to commit to being a volunteer coordinator for that shift, managing volunteers.

Greeter Trainer

So, you’ve been greeting for a while and you rock it at it, huh? Are you so familiar with our shop policies and greeter tasks inside and out that you feel like a greeter guru?

  • -Work with staff to recruit new, steady greeters
  • Implement the new greeter training that Angel developed with new greeters (perhaps through planned training sessions, or individual shift shadowing).

Work Night Coordinator

  • -Keeps the collective informed of upcoming work night, sends out reminders at least 2 weeks in advance (all dates are on the calendar).
  • helps to identify work night projects and tasks
  • recruits staff to attend
  • May put a call out for volunteers to attend as well as they see fit.


  • Develops and maintains a relationship between the BK and potential donor bike shops.
  • Coordinates donation pickup and checks in with shops as needed