WTF Night

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What is WTF night?

WTF night is a safe and supportive night that strives to primarily serve people who identify as female or transgender. Patrons are invited to come work on their bikes; experienced mechanics are available to lend guidance as needed. All volunteer mechanics are female and/or transgender. WTF is every 2nd and 4th Friday evening from 6-9pm.

Why it exists?

At the Bike Kitchen we try our best to facilitate an inclusive and empowering environment that is friendly and safe for all community members. However, we recognize that sexism and gender discrimination are strong forces that effect women and trans people in their everyday lives and can also be present during general shop hours at the Bike Kitchen. We are proud to provide a space where women and transgender folks can celebrate and share their skills amongst each other.

Ways to support WTF night

  1. Respect the space. If you are not female or transgender please come to the shop during other open hours.
  2. Tell all of your female and trans friends about WTF night and encourage them to attend!
  3. Educate yourself, become more aware of women’s and transgender issues.